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Permanent Guest List for NY Super VIP’s

1Oak guest list

Stephen Heyman of The New York Times published an interesting article about guest lists at the elite NYC nightclubs with cruel door policies. It’s titled: Beware the Doorman Wielding an iPad and here are some highlights.

It’s 2 a.m. at Lavo, the East 58th Street hot spot, and there’s an impenetrable mob radiating from a single point: the doorman Richard Wheeler (New York’s Iciest Doormen). Everyone is vying for Mr. Wheeler’s attention, particularly, it seems, middle-aged men who prize young women who prize very expensive high heels.

The Five Hardest Doors in New York City

ny hardest doors

1. The Jane Ballroom 113 Jane St, West Village Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it’s with great pleasure that we put the Jane at the top of the list. The back story is so well known by now that there is no need to delve into all of the details, so let’s deal with the present. The Jane reopened this week with a new and improved operating policy, meaning that if you haven’t been invited, you simply aren’t getting in. Don’t try buying a bottle either – they don’t sell them.
Who you need to know: Eric Goode, Sean MacPherson, Matt Kliegman & Carlos Quirarte
Civilian Chance of Entry: 0%

Top 25 Clubs in US

Clubplanet top 25 clubs in the US by Marcos Colón
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1 TAO Las Vegas

Las Vegas receives an insane amount of visitors on a daily basis, and it’s pretty fair to say that a majority of these guys want to visit TAO, one of the best nightclubs in the U.S. There are an insane amount of options in Las Vegas, but TAO sets itself apart in service and décor. The 10,000 square foot club is nothing but nightlife energy, enticing options to indulge in any mood.

2 LIV Miami

LIV nightclub is quite possibly the biggest club that Miami has to offer, but it’s also one of the most elegant. It’s all about rubbing elbows with Miami’s A-list socialites at this venue, and prepare to spend some serious cash at the bar. The VIP experience at LIV is the quintessential party experience for anyone looking to build great memories, making this one of the best clubs in the U.S.

3 Mansion Miami

Once you land in Miami and start filling out your itinerary, the first thing you should mark on there is Mansion nightclub, one of the top clubs in the U.S. The most popular nightclub in Miami since its doors opened, it attracted names like Paris Hilton, Diddy, The Kardashians and many more. This place is always a hit regardless of the night you choose to attend, and that definitely makes it one of the best clubs in the U.S.

4 XS Las Vegas

There’s something about cabanas that really gets the nightlife crowd interested in a club, that’s why when the makers of XS in Las Vegas decided to put in 30 cabanas, it was just a recipe for success. Now one of the top clubs in the nation, XS is a common stop for anyone looking to have a great time in Sin City.

5 Cielo New York

For years, Cielo has been one of the toughest doors in the NYC scene. But having a tough door isn’t the reason why this place is ranked on our list of the top 25 clubs in the world. From 2004 – 2009 the posh party haven has racked up tons of titles, including “Best Deep House Club” (New York Magazine, 2006), “Best Club” (ClubWorld, 2008) and “Best Party” for Dance.Here.Now (ClubWorld, 2009). Perhaps it’s the world-famous DJs this club attracts or perhaps it’s the reputation that continuously propels Cielo’s success. Either way, the nightclub has gained a reputation that makes it easily one of the best clubs in New York. And you know what they say, “Once you’ve made it in New York City…”

6 Avalon Hollywood

If there’s one place where everyone in Los Angeles could agree is a great nightlife venue, it’s Avalon Hollywood, one of the biggest nightclubs in California, and one of the top clubs in the U.S.  It’s a big face that packs in a lot of bodies, but most importantly it brings in the best talent in the city, from bands to world class DJs.

7 Pacha New York

With locations around the world, Pacha already has a reputation for hosting the best big-name DJs, so it comes as no surprise that Pacha NYC gets great talent and packs the house week in and week out. The 30,000-square-foot nightclub is split into four levels, each decorated in their own unique way (dancers grinding in showers, for example). When the night falls and the DJ takes the stage, Pacha turns into a maze of crazy characters all geared-up for a night of dancing until the early morning hours.

8 Rain Las Vegas

There’s nothing like a big nightclub in Las Vegas, and Rain always comes to mind first for us. First brought to fame by MTV’s The Real World, Rain is the quintessential nightclub, big, lavish, great sound, awesome lighting. They bring in some of the best entertainment in the world, as well as some of the biggest crowds on a consistent basis.

9 Tryst Las Vegas

There’s a waterfall inside of this nightclub, if that isn’t enough to get you interested, then pair it up with the lagoon that sits below collecting all of the water. Tryst is truly a magical club, with 84 VIP tables inside and outside catering to the true party people that are looking to make their Las Vegas experience top-notch.

10 SET Miami

SET nightclub is without a doubt one of the most attractive nightlife venues in all of Miami. While it may not stack up in size like other clubs in South Beach just around the corner, it makes up for it in its aesthetics. The décor at SET nightclub is impeccable and transports you into a chic atmosphere like none other, which is why we chose it as one of the best clubs in the U.S.

11 Santos Party House New York

As far as nightlife goes, Santos seems to have done the impossible: attract all sorts of music, all sorts of people, and house them all under one roof. This never works out when you try to please everyone, but when you ditch the schemes and just try to throw a good party (which is literally owner Andrew W.K.’s mantra) things start to come together in just the right way. There’s no crazy décor and no crazy bouncers telling you your shoes are inappropriate, just a big space bumping to the best DJs and hip-hop acts and a crowd that’s just down to dance and have a good time.

12 Nikki Beach Miami

If you’re looking for a globally known name in entertainment, then look no further than Nikki Beach Club. Even locals that frequent this venue week in and out feel like they’re on vacation once they step foot onto their sandy cabanas. The staff always makes sure to deliver superb service, and the drinks and menu are always at their best.

13 Playhouse Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ nightlife scene is as unique and diverse as any in the nation, but when it comes to a great club that can stack up to the best around the world, it’s all about Playhouse in Hollywood. This isn’t your typical small hotspot, but a 13,000 square-foot palace that brings in some of the best DJs from around the world.

14 Webster Hall New York

Webster Hall is commonly said to be the first modern nightclub in America. Since it first opened its doors in 1886, Webster Hall has grown to become a staple in nightlife and live music for some of the biggest club DJs in the world. In 2004, Prince declared Webster Hall “The Best Stage in New York City” and who are we to argue with Prince? Don’t be alarmed if you see stilt-walkers, trapeze artists, fire-breathers or go-go dancers roaming around one of the parties at Webster Hall. It’s all common for this historic nightclub.

15 JET Las Vegas

If you’re making a list of the top U.S. nightclubs in the nation, there’s no way that you could exclude Jet Nightclub. They’ve been booking some of the best parties in the nation on a consistent basis, and when you pair that with the sophistication of the staff and luxurious accommodations for their VIP guests, you definitely have one of the best club in the U.S.

16 Beta Denver

When guys like Steve Lawler and Pete Tong say that Beta is one of their favorite places to play in the U.S., then you know there’s something special about the Denver, Colorado nightclub. The sound in the place is absolutely crushing, combine that with the A-list talent they bring into the booth and you have one of the best nightclubs in the U.S. This is the kind of club you’d typically find in Europe, but it’s nestled right in the heart of Denver.

17 Lima Washington

In DC everyone knows that if you’re looking for a good time out on the town, one of the first names to pop up is Lima Restaurant and Lounge. While some nightclubs seem a little pressing as far as mood goes, there’s a chill and laidback vibe about Lima that keeps guests coming back for more week after week. It’s casual, but by no means can it be compared to a dive bar.

18 Spy Bar Chicago

Spy Bar is considered by many (including us) to be the best club in Chicago. Just last month the club brought in incredible and diverse talent including A-Trak, Treasure Fingers, Damien Lazarus and Peanut Butter Wolf, and even the off-nights with resident DJs Kalendr, Inphinty and Dino G have the crowd tearing up the dance floor. Friday nights get the big name guys, but they never forget to show the Chi-town talent some love, which is why we consider Spy Bar to be one of the top 25 nightclubs in the U.S.

19 Royale Boston

Every city needs a mega-club, it’s an unwritten rule in nightlife. For Boston it’s Royale, a classic yet modern beauty of a venue that encompasses everything you’d typically look for in a good nightclub. Said to be the most luxurious nightclub experience in all of Boston, there’s a classic twist to this venue that most modern clubs seem to shy away from, but that could be part of their nightlife recipe for success.

20 Mur.Mur Atlantic City

The name says it all. In Atlantic City mur.mur is the closest thing you can get to an actual New York City club. What we like best about mur.mur is that there isn’t anything cheesy to it, like a strobe light or neon lazers zapping into your eyes. Instead you get soft shades that create a mood in the club that screams sex.

21 Club Space Miami

Club Space is known throughout the world by house music heads and one of THE best clubs in the U.S. for club music, and it definitely is. Week in and week out they bring in the biggest names in electronic music and create memories for locals and visitors that they take with them for years to come. Their Terrace is without a doubt one of the best places to be on a Sunday morning when the sun creeps up on downtown Miami.

22 The Highlands Los Angeles

Two words come to mind when someone brings up The Highlands to us, spacious and classy. While a majority of places around the country are smaller and seem to bring in that aura of class, this place has the space to do it. There’s something for everyone at this Hollywood hotspot, so whether it’s hip-hop, house or classics, this place has it for you, making it one of the top club in the U.S.

23 Fur Washington

With four rooms that are open four nights a week, there’s a vast array of experiences that you can have a Fur nightclub. There are always great specials at the bar and you can always expect to see young faces in the crowd that are looking to leave the troubles of the 9 to 5 at the door and let loose on the dance floor.

24 Rumor Boston

If there’s one thing we like in a nightclub it’s variety, and that’s exactly what Rumor has in Boston. Whether it’s house, Latin, R&B or reggae music, chances are you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for at Rumor.  This place gets absolutely packed on a consistent basis which is always a good marker of a top nightclub in our books.

25 Muse Washington

When it comes to nightclubs everyone wants the best experience that they can find in town, when in DC that experience is at Muse Nightclub and Lounge. The sultry venue brings in great entertainment and the sexiest faces in the Washington area. Their VIP area is one of the best and continues to strive to bring its customers unparalleled service.

2010 Best Club Nominees


  • XS, Las Vegas
  • Avalon, Los Angeles
  • Vanguard, Los Angeles
  • Rain, Las Vegas
  • Pacha, New York


  • Smart Bar, Chicago
  • Ruby Skye, San Francisco
  • LIV, Miami
  • Lavo, Las Vegas
  • Cielo, New York


  • Tabu, Las Vegas
  • Crown Room, Portland, Oregon
  • Chandelier Room, Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Slide, San Francisco
  • Avenue, New York


  • Playhouse, Los Angeles
  • Avenue, New York
  • LIV, Miami
  • Whim, Pittsburgh
  • Dusk, Atlantic City


  • Sound Investment for LIV, Miami
  • Definitive Pro Audio for Whim, Pittsburgh
  • Avalon Sound for XS, Las Vegas
  • Advanced Audio Technology for Ecco, Los Angeles
  • FBP Group for Body English, Las Vegas


  • Speed of Sound for Beta, Denver
  • US Communications for Hawaiian Tropic Zone, Las Vegas
  • SJ Lighting for Dusk, Atlantic City


  • iDesign and Definitive Pro Sound for Whim, Pittsburgh
  • SJ Lighting & Focus Lighting for LIV, Miami
  • SJ Lighting for Playhouse, Los Angeles
  • Tom Kowalczuk and Brad Bouch for XS, Las Vegas
  • Cosmos Lighting for Ecco, Los Angeles


  • Victor Drai and Roger Thomas for XS, Las Vegas
  • Steven Lewis for Aspen Social Club, New York
  • Seed Design for LIV, Miami
  • ICRAVE for Playhouse, Los Angeles
  • Francois Frossard for Louis at Gansevoort, Miami


  • Dance.Here.Now at Cielo, New York
  • Save the Cannibals at Rebel, New York
  • Perfecto at Rain, Las Vegas
  • Vice Sundays at Lavo, Las Vegas
  • Aquatic Saturdays at the Pool at Harrah’s, Atlantic City


  • Made Event, Sunday School For Degenerates at Ice Palace, Miami
  • Danny Tenaglia’s Michael Jackson Tribute at Pacha, New York
  • Memorial Day Weekend with Tiesto at The Bank, Las Vegas
  • Tribute to DJ AM at Rain, Las Vegas
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Palms Pool and Bungalows, Las Vegas


  • Francois K, Cielo, New York
  • Oscar G, Space, Miami
  • Victor Calderone, Pacha, New York
  • DJ AM, Rain, Las Vegas
  • Paul Oakenfold, Rain, Las Vegas


  • Jose Vargas, Glo, Westbury, New York
  • Roonie G, Opera, Atlanta
  • DJ Ron, Play, Nashville
  • KSKA, Beta, Denver
  • Chris Biggins, Pacha, New York


  • Jeff Novak, LIV, Miami
  • Jose Vargas, Glo, Westbury, New York
  • Joey Vera, Pacha, New York
  • Justin Coats, Shrine, Mashantucket, Connecticut
  • Matt Da Hat, mur.mur, Atlantic City


  • Resolume Avenue 3
  • MAINGEAR Remix Workstation
  • SmartAVI Stretcher Pro
  • Respondr Reactive Video System
  • Mark of the Unicorn V4HD


  • Megalite Disco 2.0
  • High End Systems Barco Cyberlight 2.0
  • Elation Emulation Software
  • Martin ShowDesigner 5
  • Sunlite SLESA-U7 and SUITE2-FC


  • Chauvet O Beast
  • High End Systems Showpix
  • MBT LED Twinscan
  • Mega Lite Enigma Net 50mm
  • Elation Design Wash LED Pro


  • LaserJockey LS High Power
  • MBT Lighting SM100DMX Flurry Snow Machine
  • X-Laser Skywriter RGBV
  • Look Solutions Viper S
  • Omnisistem Starburst


  • Pioneer CDJ-2000
  • Denon DN-X1100
  • Tonium Pacemaker 60GB
  • Aerial 7 Tank Headphones
  • Rane SL 3 for Serato Scratch Live


  • TViAudio BT 1200 Line Array
  • Turbosound Flex Array Series
  • Martin Audio ASX Active Subwoofer
  • Funktion One Resolution 1.5TT


  • Tabu, Las Vegas
  • Playhouse, Los Angeles
  • XS, Las Vegas
  • The Bank, Las Vegas
  • Mynt, Miami


Lady Gaga, Green Day headline Lollapalooza 2010 in Chicago

New York’s dance clubs and music venues will seem a little D-list this weekend as many big-name acts make their way to the Windy City for Lollapalooza.

The 2010 festival returns to Chicago’s Grant Park for the fifth time, with 130 bands playing on eight stages over three days. On Friday, Lady Gaga headlines the festival three years after her first Lollapalooza appearance. Green Day takes top billing Saturday, 16 years after the band’s first Lollapalooza show. And Sunday’s headliner will be Lolla veterans Soundgarden, which performed at the 1992 and 1996 fests.

Other notable returnees include Cypress Hill (’92, ’94, and ’95), The Black Keys (’07 and ’08), MGMT (’08), The National (’08) and Arcade Fire (’05), which is coming of a soldout appearance at Madison Square Garden.

Alt-rock legends The Strokes will make their first Lollapalooza appearance – and perform their first show in four years. Others making their debut are Phoenix and Jukebox the Ghost.

Regular Price three-day tickets are available for $215, with one-day tickets going for $90.

When venturing beyond the festival, there will be no shortage of both official and unofficial after-shows and after-parties around Chicago. Check the official after-show section on the Lollapalooza site for bands, venues and schedules.

A few parties worth mentioning include entertainment blogger and TV personality Perez Hilton debuting his “One Night In …” series, slated for Thursday at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.

The event kicks off the late-night party lineup, with special performances by the gossip blogger’s favorite musical guests, including such acts as B.o.B.

On Friday night at Soundbar, Perry Farrell will debut his new dance project, PGM (Precision Guided Musicians), along with famed dance-music artists Rusko, Joachim Garraud and Steve Porter (who remixed Jane’s Addiction “Superhero”, the familiar opener to HBO’s Entourage).

The three-day festival will be as much a culinary feast as an auditory one.
Graham Elliot Bowles – Chicago’s tattooed, rock-n-rollin’, world-class and award-winning chef – has been tapped as culinary director to oversee a new and improved Chow Town.

There will be two food courts on the north and south side of the park, where  some of the Windy City’s favorite eateries will offer up their fare in between sets.

BY David Blatt

Police Close Sister Clubs, M2 and Pink, in Chelsea

The thousands of party people who every night pack the M2 UltraLounge in Chelsea, one of the largest and busiest clubs in the city, will have to go somewhere else for a while: the Police Department shut it down on Friday.

The club was already under pressure from health department officials, who have been seeking to revoke M2’s operating license for what they charge is routine flouting of the city’s indoor smoking ban. But even as a trial on that matter continues in a special administrative court, Judge Michael D. Stallman of State Supreme Court granted the city’s request to close the club after police described it as a Wild West of drug dealing, marijuana smoking and violent, out-of-control crowds both inside and outside the club, at 530 West 28th Street.

The city also shuttered M2’s sister lounge, Pink New York, formerly known as the Pink Elephant, around the corner at 527 West 27th Street.

Referring to investigators, the Police Department’s chief spokesman, Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, said on Monday, “What they saw, including the fights and drug activity, was that the operators just treated it as business as usual in their attitude toward operating the place.”

According to court papers, undercover investigators at the club bought drugs — including Ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, Vicodin and marijuana — nine times and observed drug use or possession seven times since November 2008, leading to 16 arrests. In addition, the city cited the club for hiring unlicensed security guards and for creating unsafe conditions by failing to control fights between patrons and security guards, a crush of 1,000 patrons racing for the door, and a violent episode in which one patron ended up with a fractured skull and internal bleeding.

Officials waited until now to close the club because the earlier drug transactions involved small amounts that did not warrant padlocking it, Mr. Browne said.

Robert S. Bookman, a lawyer for the club, said the owner, Joey Morrissey, would fight the charges rather than paying a fine or settling the case because it did not “amount to a hill of beans.”

“The club has a zero tolerance for drug use and zero tolerance for violence, and they spend a fortune on security,” Mr. Bookman said, pointing out that the number of incidents was relatively small, given the club’s 3,000-person capacity. “Despite best efforts, it doesn’t mean that two people on a crowded dance floor aren’t going to throw punches at each other. You can’t blame the establishment for that happening, and certainly you can’t justify shutting an establishment down for that happening.”