How to Become a DJ

The most important things to remember are to become a successful DJ you need to have knowledge of music and be able to direct the crowd. Also, you need to observe and network with other DJs to find out how they secured their position and what type of skills you must have in order to become a successful DJ.

To become a DJ you need to follow steps below:

1. Obtain DJ equipment:

• At first it’s better to borrow or rent DJ equipment
• Depending on what type of DJ that you wish to become, you will need turntables, CDs, mixers and basic stereo equipment
• Get in lots of practice to familiarize yourself with the equipment and comfortable with your mixer and turntables
• Learn how to flawlessly transition from one song to the next

2. Learn about all genres of music:

• Learn about all kinds of music
• You need to know about all genres of music, including the popular types that are played at weddings, clubs and other events
• Build up a large selection of music from which to draw your music
• Keep up with the latest music trends

3. Develop your personality:

• Start with a few small gigs at a low price
• Advertise your DJ services (you can advertise online or print out flyers and business cards in order to attract business)
• Start by volunteering to DJ events at less than your expected price

4. Design a unique selling plan that makes you different from any other DJs:

• Develop your charisma; try to become someone that attracts attention in a good way. Learn when to step back and let the group dynamic take over.
• You need to make sure that you have your own sound!!! Create unique mixes and become a master of a genre. Discover different tools and sounds and include them into your mixes.
• Don’t always try to be like someone else, do your own thing
• Try not to think that you know it all, there is always something new to be learned

Do not forget – “Practice Makes It Perfect “ .. Good luck !!!

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