Top 100 DJs by Google Search Volumes

UPDATED 09/16/10

DJmag’s Top 100 DJs

One week left until voting closes on September 23rd for the most important and prestigious poll in the dance music history – DJmag’s Top 100 DJs. Everybody’s excited, venue owners, promoters, clubgoers, music lovers, fans, and probably most excited of all are the DJs 100 djs

But how accurate is the Top 100 DJs poll anyway? There is no transparency, DJmag doesn’t tells us anything besides that they “attract over 350,000 votes a year“, but other than that there is no insight into the data. At least tell us how many votes each DJ received? What countries voters are from? Age and gender shouldn’t be that hard to breakout. I’m not suggesting they aren’t  doing a good job, as I’m positive British blokes on DJmag’s team work hard to provide us with the most accurate information while combating fraudulent votes. All we’re asking is a little bit more insight and transparency.

Google’s Top 100 DJs

While thinking about transparency and other tracking measures I thought about Google Keyword Tool which provides search volumes for any keyword entered. No, I don’t think Google Keyword Tool will be replacing DJmag’s Top 100 DJs poll anytime soon, but it can offer additional insight into DJ popularity even prior to DJmag’s results.

DJMag’s Top 100 DJs 2009 (left) & Google’s Top 100 DJs ranked by search volumes (right)

top 100 djs

Let me know what you think about Top 100 DJs poll and Google search volume concept in the comments bellow. Also if you enjoyed this read please ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter or whatever other social media outlet you’re using.

Thanks everyone and good luck to all the great DJs this year.

[HOW TO] Here is how I got search volumes from Google Keyword Tool.

First, you need to go to Google Keyword Tool. Then click ‘Previous Interface’ located in the top right corner.

google keyword tool

Second, click ‘Edit’ and select ‘All Countries and Territories’, uncheck ‘Use Synonyms, check ‘Don’t show ideas…’ and type or paste DJ names. Click ‘Get Keyword Ideas’ button and you should see monthly search volumes.

google keyword tool

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