Club Space Opening Party with Danny Tenaglia [10.09.10]

It feels like we just announced that Club Space would be closing and taking a brief remodeling vacation after Labor day, but already they’ve given word on when they’ll be back in action. Early next month the famous downtown Miami nightclub will be opening up again with a special guest DJ that helped launch the opening of the club back in 2000 during Winter Music Conference, Danny Tenaglia. Tagged as the “Musical Magical Mystical Marathon Machine” this set is definitely one for the record books. Just as they produced one of the biggest parties of the year this past weekend, they’ll be producing another hit this coming month.

The Club Space Opening Party is set to take off at 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 9th with Danny Tengalia manning all the sound. Club Space fans have been anxiously awaiting this collaboration for ten years and now it’s going down!


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